Don Julio Tequila / Arturo Fuente Tasting

Don Julio Tequila / Arturo Fuente Tasting Thursday 8/24/17 8pm - 10pm We will sample Don Julio Blanco, Repesado, Anejeo, 1942, and Real! This is a treat indeed, as Real is extremely hard to find and usually sells for about $500 / bottle These luxury...

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Salsa Contest

Salsa Contest 8/24/17  6pm - 8pm Bring your best HOMEMADE salsa and dominate your friends.  This contest comes with prizes! This is the Prequel to our Exclusive Don Julio tasting, which starts promptly at 8pm We will vote with poker chips.  Each poker chip...

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Omertà /ō’merte/ noun: A code of silence.