By Signing The Membership Contract, You Agree To The Following Terms and Policies:

• You are over the age of 21.

• Any and all alcohol brought on premise is owned by you, served by you, and consumed by you. Omerta Cigar Co has no access to this product and is not liable.

Any and all guests must fill out a temporary membership form with a staff member before being granted access into the lounge. Members are limited to 3 guests per month before being charged $10 per guest per day.

• Payment is due upon signing and is nonrefundable and is nontransferable. Cancellations of membership will incur a $50 cancellation fee. Membership is for one year. All memberships will be automatically renewed at the end of the twelve-month period unless notified in writing within 30 days of the end of contract.

• You assume full responsibility for the contents of your locker. Omerta Cigar Co. does not insure, nor is it responsible for any contents stored in the lockers.

• All locker contents must adhere to local, state, and federal laws, Omerta Cigar Co. assumes no liability for your personal contents.

• Omerta Cigar Co. may access any locker at any time necessary by our Staff or by law enforcement.

• You will be issued a key for your locker as well as a fob for access and they must be returned upon termination of membership. There will be a $50.00 charge for lost keys and fobs.

• Management reserves the right to suspend or revoke a membership for non payment of bill, breach of contract, misconduct, or failure to adhere to any of the rules, regulations, and policies set forth by Omerta Cigar Co.

• Omerta Cigar Co. reserves the right to suspend access to any locker for 30 days due to non-payment. If non-payment exceeds 60 days, Omerta Cigar Co. reserves the right to seize contents of locker and terminate membership.

• Omerta Cigar Co. reserves the right to refuse service and/or lounge access to any person.