Waiver, release and indemnification agreement

In consideration for Omerta Cigar Co. to grant membership, I agree to the following:

I recognized that there exists certain risks inherent in the various activities at Omerta Cigar Co., including the risks associated with smoking and I freely assume all risks, including unforeseen or unexpected risks.

I waive all claims for my heirs and myself; I agree not to sue Omerta Cigar Co. and further agree to release and hold harmless Omerta Cigar Co. from and against all actions, demands, liabilities, suits, costs, and expenses including attorney fees and claims for negligence, arising out of my use of Omerta Cigar Co. facilities or participation in any sponsored events.

I agree to indemnify Omerta Cigar Co. and pay for all claims brought against Omerta Cigar Co. for my family or guests. I further agree that I am solely responsible and will promptly pay for all damages incurred to Omerta Cigar Co. caused by my family, my guests, or myself.

I have carefully read and agree to the terms and policies of this membership agreement as it now exists and may be amended in the future. I am aware that direct violation of these rules may result in revocation of my membership.